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  • A
    Alexis Patoine
    Amazing experience! The puzzles were fun, innovative, and a good level of challenging, and the room itself was well decorated and tied into the theme. We were given hints when we got stuck, but they were infrequent enough that we felt like we were solving it on our own. We are all very satisfied with the escape room and look forward to coming back when new rooms are up and running!
  • A
    April Polasek
    Not impressed with the quality of the room or quality of experience. The room was essentially cardboard (there was a lot of cardboard), and the atmosphere was not great (music coming from a TV screen, the intro to the theme of the room being done by showing participants a video). Escape Manor is FAR better and costs the same.
  • F
    Faith On The Bass
    Not the most high tech escape room but just as fun. The staff are amazing and friendly and the overall experience was great. Puzzles are challenging but you are given plenty of hints. Good for groups of 4+ of all ages.
  • J
    Jeff Peters
    Only one room at this location but opening up a new one. This room is getting a bit janky but still good.
  • K
    Kendall Goossen
    Very good puzzles, but no good for children under 10