Four Rivers Medical Clinic

Medical Clinic

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    Nick roy
    Quick service, went for a follow up appointment and I was in and out within 20 minutes. They do not have the most modern tests and equipment however, strep test was limited to the non rapid type that takes five days for results. And they do not have their own blood and medical lab. For everything else they are quick, efficient, knowledgable and professional.
  • K
    Krista Wiebe
    No wait. Front desk staff were friendly and professional. Dr. Iqbal was wonderful. She affirmed my own knowledge and experience of my body, was compassionate, thorough and efficient (without feeling rushed). Thank-you!!
  • M
    Mandi N
    I went in with an undiagnosed issue, performed some tests waited for them with no call back. Month later still same issues so returned to find out what my results were, only to find out I had an infection left untreated the entire time with NO CALL! Dr. Loloka was the one who did this and the nice male doctor immediately was surprised by this and prescribed the meds needed. Still have yet to make a complaint to the medical panel. Wont be returning as the clinic was gross/old outdated everything and receptionist were very confrontational and rude and no privacy at all!
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    marsha chartrand
    I travel from north kildonan to four rivers broadway its a great clinic the doctors are great especially Dr.Paul. I must also mention that parking is not a hassel.
  • T
    Thomas Hanan
    I went there with a headache and general being sick, (which later I found out I had mono). Doctor Ramzi Asskar quickly misdiagnosed me without doing a throat swab or anything and prescribed me Amoxicillin for "a throat infection". Within five days I developed a full body rash lasting more than a week because if you have mono your body rejected antibiotics. I am very upset because all that pain could have been avoided if he did his job right.