The Real Escape Canada

Amusement Center

Filled out 70%

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  • R
    Rick Baumen
    Been here a couple times now, staff are engaging and into their task. Clean place considering the abuse these rooms must take. Lots of options for rooms to tackle and after doing a couple I feel they are fair in their degree of challenge, just make sure to have a decent size group, more heads are better and all that. Lots of fun, already have plans to go again, highly recommend.
  • J
    Josh Kahanovitch
    Some unique and challenging escape rooms, most with a 30% completion rate. Most are of excellent quality and will provide great entertainment for groups of varying sizes. The only room I absolutely would recommend avoiding is the Insane Asylum; poor design of puzzles, and a cheap looking room aesthetic. This is unusual for Real Escape rooms, and was disappointing.
  • J
    Jon Dyck
    This place is a ton of fun. Great place for a family or group of friends to go. With the variety of rooms there, you should not get bored.
  • A
    Adrian May
    Went back for the 4th time and had another great experience. I have only been to one other vendor, but I can say that their level of technology and hence level of challenge is so much better than the other one we have visited. A good challenge and a good variety of escapes. I have been told by many friends that this is the best escape room business in Wpg and I have no reason to doubt that based on my experience to date.