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    Anna May
    It was awesome back in 2004-2007. Everything worked, lights music even a Ferris wheel. Weird how things change. Was a fabulous place and wish it was still open!
  • C
    Claws 260
    S MA D this place is shait never cum here people be shiat machines aint even fuking work
  • E
    Ethan Guillemard
    These reviews are hilarious!
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    A Google User
    the worst experience ever. owner is brutal. Service is slow and NOT friendly. We counted 7 machines not working. No apologies or refunds if the machines took your kids tokens. They had 2 live car batteries at a table with an assortment of tools....great for kids safety. Owners have 2 chihuahuas that they let run loose in the kitchen. even saw person making a kids pizza with one hand and carrying the dog in the other. Hmm I would think that is a health hazard. Never going back, save your money. WORST PLACE EVER