Safari Ridge Adventure Park

Laser Tag Center

Filled out 75%

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    Colleen Banman
    Such a fun place! We have hosted two parties here, a laser tag party and a paintball party. Both went really well. The owners are really kind and the staff is very helpful. Great facility. Thanks for an amazing time Safari Ridge!
  • H
    Hunter Gasp
    It was terrible. Me and my friends (6 of us) were in the middle of a game and we hear yelling. A man who works there comes on the field and yells at us to hand in our gear. When we asked why it was because a little kid about 7-8 got a little bit of paint on him from a paint ball. He said that we looked at him and shot him 5 times then he said 9 then 3 and the guy who yelled at us is know yelling even more telling us to get out. They believed a little kid with the tiniest amount of paint on his shirt with no mark whatsoever rather than the people who payed almost 100$ each to have a good day and were covered in paint from each other. Then the kids mom came and started to yell at us. This was my 5 time going and I will not be going back. Thank goodness there is a new place opening next March. I will never be going back to this place ever.
  • M
    Michael Banman
    Fun spot for laser tag.
  • G
    Gary Fauvelle
    Awesome!! I love it here simply for the fact they take care of everything. Equipment, air, drinks, washrooms with running water, great fields, great staff, Great facilities in general. :-)
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    Jeremy Orr