Amusement Center

Filled out 80%

Reviews 6

  • G
    Geoffrey K
    Loads of fun and the place gets really into trying to make it feel like a real experience. It may seem a little cheesy, but I appreciate their enthusiasm. The rooms are fun and I enjoy going there. Looking forward to some new rooms.
  • L
    Loic Jeanjean
    Our group of friends have now attempted both experiences. Into the depth, and, the heist. Each mission is dramatically different but equally fun and challenging. The staff is really friendly and explains you what your objectives are before starting your mission. We will be back, this time to finish a mission
  • J
    Josh Wu
    Great experience for our group. Quite immersive once the event starts and the puzzles are all of a manageable difficulty, varying from one task to another. Generally the rooms are series of puzzle that need to be solved but their presentation is tied into the theme of the environment.
  • M
    Mathew Yanagiya
    great escape room. with lots of fun puzzle and a great design. definitely book ahead. they are always full to try to pop in.
  • K
    Kristie Keeney
    We came here for a birthday party and had a great time. I could tell the facility put a lot of weird restrictions on party food and decorations. However, the kids still had fun!
  • A
    Alex Schaumann
    Amazing place for kids. Make sure to give yourself 2 hours.