Lockdown Escape

Amusement Center

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    Regina Yuen
    We had a blast at lockdown! Definitely one of the best escape rooms in town. Everything is so well thought out. The puzzles were fun to solve, and the visual/sound effects really enhance the experience. We will be back for more.
  • Y
    You Already Know 212
    My four friends and I were deeply disappointed by our experience @LockDownEscape, Richmond. Firstly, we were met with a disrespectful staff, especially during our hint portion of the game. We also dealt with broken equipment, as we were not able to get past a certain puzzle of the room "Nuclear Crisis," as one of the wires had been broken. When we brought up the issue, they refused to show security footage of the hour we were in the room, despite having access to it. They also refused to search the room and failed to recognize it as a safety hazard, not to mention blame us for the equipment failure. We were deeply bothered as they essentially said that their "word" trumped ours, with no further questions asked. When we asked if we could have a refund, they said and I quote "No, because you broke it." There was no true evidence that we indeed broke the wire, and as they stated that they would provide the "full experience," they did in fact NOT provide the full experience and the necessary safety precautions as it stated in the waiver form. We failed to receive adequate compensation. Any non automated response, would be much appreciated. Edited on March 25, 2017 Thank you for your response, however you and I both know that it was not electrical outlets that were the problem, it was in fact open wires. Therefore, it renders your response irrelevant.
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    dylan brighton
    This is the best escape room place i have been to. (i have been to a few) The staff were polite and the room itself was very well done... special effects and different puzzles. Would recommend.
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    Rob R
    Reasonably priced. The rooms are challenging but not impossible. I will definitely be going back.
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    Riley S
    Fun escape room with an elaborate set. It was very challenging but also fun working with friends trying to get out of the room.