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    Kate Wong
    Excellent place for quality escape games. The decor is absolutely beautiful. You can tell the EXIT team put a lot of effort in decoration, and coming up with puzzles that fit the theme. It also has a good mix of mechanical and electronic puzzles, which made the experience more fun. The only area of improvement I can think of is more periodic maintenance. Last time I went, although I got the combination correct, I found some of the locks had their fair share of "abuse" from other players and needed a few jingles before unlocking (which wasted some of my precious escape time). Other than that, excellent venue with always friendly staff. Definitely recommended to anyone.
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    Gurbir Dhillon
    I went to this establishment on My Birthday last year, and I do have to say it was one of the best experiences that I have had at an "Exit" location. The customer service was fantastic and the staff were kind enough to take their time and explain the rules. They even allowed us to have an additional time after we failed and they explained how to solve the room due to my curiosity of how far I was with my group. Overall: 5/5


+1 604-370-5555
4653 Garden City Rd #2115, Richmond, BC V6X 2K4, Canada
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Welcome to Canada’s first room escape gaming facility! Inside any one of our adventures players will explore the different realms of EXIT Canada, where you can display your intelligence, marvels and artistry by outwitting the Game Master that involves solving challenging puzzles and discovering exciting clues and escaping within time limit. Our rooms cater to a minimum of 2 players and can hold up to a maximum 10 players per theme(number of maximum players differs by location) that offers varying levels of difficulty in which both those of whom are new to escape games or the most experienced can have fun. Grab your team and head over to any one of our various locations to try and escape!

Imagine. A universe where you can travel through time and space in the blink of an eye; where you can control your destiny with your brilliance and imagination; where gaming and having fun is the only way of life. From the ancient empires to the Milky Way, you can find a wealth of excitement you never thought possible before. Whether you want to explore uncharted realms or simply surge through the skies, Mr. EXIT will lead the way.