Kawkawa Lake Resort & Campground


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    Norma lemke
    We have been twice now and we are looking forward to our third visit the camping for kids and family are top notch, I do however wish small dogs would be aloud.
  • T
    Tor Jamieson
    A few friends and I did a weekend camping trip here. It was really great! We booked a tent site right by the lake. The front desk was super helpful and the view from our site was stunning. Sadly we got rained out after the first night but I would definitely come back. Some good notes: It might be difficult to get a site during busy season as the camp is fairly small. Also showers cost money so bring change!
  • A
    azad fard
    Really Surprised i even gave them a star. Security lady was the only nice one there and her smokes and hot dogs are great. Other then that other staff were rude, judgmental and downright unpleasing. First they told us we could park our boat at the site and use the dock that was on the site we were using, then told gave us hell for doing so. Second it was crowded which was fine, but we were constantly pinpointed as trouble makers when we were the most quiet and clean people there. Third there were kids running around and almost tripped on our hatchet we used for wood so we put it on the tree. After our boat ride around this supposed huge lake (not even close) the staff members started rudely talking to us that we had damaged one of there trees. Stupid Noise curfew at 12am which was fine, but they wouldnt even let us talk anymore. Also 11pm fire curfew like seriously its camping. Basically a waste of a drive and weekend.
  • B
    Bryce Pengelly
    Constant security checkups? Super crowded very strict rules no pets no fires over 1 foot high. Slightly judgmental staff. My camp sight was 9 foot by 40 foot which made everything really cramped. 11pm noise curfew 12 pm fire curfew.
  • R
    Rob Dunn
    Beautiful views and decent fishing