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    S Ma
    It was my first time doing one of these and it was a fun experience. The staff did great in describing what was expected and what we would need to do. The rooms are set up in a great manner and in a way that helped my group get through the puzzles. The hint system they have set up is very helpful and easy to use, just ask and you shall receive. I enjoyed the theme of the room very much, it really did feel like we were on an adventure. I did the novice room but there are more difficulty levels for those looking for more.
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    Stefan L
    Super great place. Did the hardest room, cypher space, got through it and puzzles flowed well without hints. Only our third escape room but we have a power team haha. Awesome room and will probably complete the rest in due time with smaller groups for more of a challenge. Highly recommend anyone who wants a challenge and can critically think well to do this room!
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    Sultana M
    The staff are very friendly, location very easy to get to. There are a variety of rooms at varying levels to choose from, each one with a fun unique theme, dynamic room layouts and a variety of puzzles to solve, catering to different strengths and involving the whole group! My family and i did the easiest room, Jewel of Zanzibar, which was still engaging and had its unique hurdles to overcome which was enjoyable! Highly recommend for quick, fun group hangouts, especially as an avid escape room participant!
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    Isaiah Olson
    Just to be up front they gave us a future discount in exchange for a good review. I would imagine that is why all of the reviews are 5 star. But it was actually a really good place and the staff was great. Would recommend this place (even without the future discount). We were in a group of four and had a blast. We almost finished the Arabian Night one without any hints.
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    Suzanne Marcoux
    This place is fun, but needs some serious work. There is a hole in the play structure that children fall through. There is nothing for babies (exersaucer, bouncer, etc.). Last time we were there, multiple kids jumping on one another in the foam pit, with no staff enforcing the rules. None of the arcades worked. And not much for healthy food choices. We did love the trampolines. And thought the prices are reasonable.
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    Raymond Richmond
    Only place where I have found both trampoline Park and a large multi level play area for kids. Long drive for me but worth going to once and a while.
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    I was a first timer here. There is some wear in the equipment but me & my little family loved it. I had fun jumping with my kids. They have a water fountain also which is great. They also had some fruit cups and other healthy snacks! We had a good time here. I recommended it to my family already. I just loved this facility even the toddler area! The staff was friendly! I prefer this place over treehouse! :)