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    Stephanie Arsenault
    I was extremely nervous about getting this procedure done for my son. The clinic staff made us feel very comfortable. They ensured all questions were answered prior to procedure. It was extremely simple and easy, I would recommend it to anyone thinking about it.
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    Shaun Morton
    We had a good experience here with our son; the staff was personable, the procedure went great and we appreciated the follow up. Thank-you
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    Jack Roberts
    The clinic staff were amazing throughout. Highly recommend.


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Due to the researched benefits and the publics’ growing awareness of the importance of circumcision as it pertains to medical benefits and reduced risk of diseases, some of which are potentially deadly like Aids, many physicians have found a significant spike in the demand for infant circumcisions.

As a result, one local physician, Dr. Graham Lohlun, conducted extensive research on the various surgical approaches and anesthetic (pain control) protocols for circumcision available today. Dr. Lohlun found one physician in Canada who has dedicated most of his professional career to finding and researching what he considers the quickest, safest and least uncomfortable circumcision for infants.

The technique and methodology is called the “Pollock Technique” and was developed by Dr. Neil Pollock in Vancouver. Dr. Pollock has demonstrated the safety of this method and has nearly perfected a virtually painless 30-second technique through the 35,000 circumcisions that he has performed over the last 20 years.

Eager to carefully study the “Pollock Technique” and bring this method to Edmonton, Dr. Lohlun moved to Vancouver for some time where he worked intensively with Dr. Pollock.  Performing hundreds of surgeries on models and then on real patients under Dr. Pollock’s careful supervision, Dr. Lohlun has become highly proficient in the practice of Pollock’s method and has now brought this 30-second, virtually painless technique to Edmonton.