The Escape Squad

Amusement Center

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    Vince O
    Never tried this before, had a great time! Soren was awesome- great host and guide! Thanks
  • M
    Myles Steeves
    Never been to an excape room and I was pleasantly surprise. Our group went to just one room and ended up doing another. Fun alternate activity
  • E
    Emil Yim
    Went with a group to do a team bonding activity. Was fairly impressed by the complexity of the set up. There was lots to do and figure out and the room we did diverged a little which was nice so everyone could be doing something instead of everyone only working on one problem. My only tiff is that the rooms are not sound proof so you can hear other groups which takes away a little from the experience. Overall it was a fun experience and glad that there are multiple rooms which you can play through.
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    Troy Halback
    Mind bender games