Hotel Carmacks


Filled out 75%

Reviews 7

  • M
    meagan markus
    Good bed. Small bathtubs. Good location. Ok good. Decent bar.
  • N
    Nickolas Warner
    The hotel is nice. One of the nicer places to stay out in the Yukon. Great location right on the river. Check out the bar downstairs and say hello.
  • R
    Rob Armstrong
    Surprisingly good place to stay for such a small town. The beds are amazing and thr food is delicious! The wifi blocks certian websites which stops it from being 5 stars haha
  • O
    OurBC British Columbia
    Location was good.
  • S
    Sandra Hasler
    Dirty rooms and not enough hot water for two people to shower. Employees got angry after we asked to change the linens. If you can manage to drive from whitehorse to dawson city or the other way around in one day, do it!
  • G
    Gary Verge
    Managing and serving in hotels and restaurants for 30 yeras. Also on linked in.
  • M
    Michael Gujer
    Dirty rooms, overpriced. Just drive to Dawson or Whitehorse, or sleep in your car.