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    I was in the store looking at pens when the woman walks passed other customers and singles me out to ask if i "need help" she was obviously trying to let me know i was being watched. maybe because I am native or how i dress i felt very unwelcome and did not have a good experience. thanks for the subtle discrimination Calla Paleczny.
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    Martha Ritchie
    As an artist living in a community outside of Whitehorse I find Arts Underground provides an excellent connection to the larger Yukon art community. I appreciate having a space in the city to show and sell my work and access to various workshops and programs provided by the Yukon Art Society. It is also handy to have a local place to buy art supplies. The gallery shop is a good place to purchase locally made cards and gifts and I always recommend it to visitors.
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    Maya Rosenberg
    I truly love this place. A wonderful gallery with changing exhibitions, the staff is super friendly and helpful and I often buy at the Cupboard, their art supply store, as they have a great selection of quality art supplies .