Cineplex Odeon Centre Cinemas

Movie Theater

Filled out 65%

Reviews 5

  • T
    Thomas Coe
    Ample free parking makes it more convenient to visit than the ScotiaBank theatre downtown, but the place is a bit rundown. Worn out seating and only a shallow rise in the level of the seats from one row to the next. Fine for most instances, but beware sitting behind a tall patron.
  • J
    Jeffrey Richards
    Up-to-date new movies for an affordable price. The snack bar is a polar opposite of this.
  • B
    Blair Kelsie
    We have very few theatres in Saskatoon. This theatre is ok but needs some updating to be as nice as the one downtown.
  • J
    James Kan
    Old fashion style. I can find some not popular new movies here
  • Q
    Quin Suitor
    The projector was having problems and the movie was delayed for about 20 minutes while a manager tried to fix it but after the show they made up for it by handing out free tickets to everyone.