Capitol Music Club

Live Music Venue

Filled out 65%

Reviews 5

  • P
    Paul Chavady
    Primarily a music club, this place excels at that but falls short on everything else. The music is great, the acoustics are good and the ambience is everything you look for in a music club. However the food is passable at best and the staff is quite rude.
  • D
    Don Cameron
    Great venue! They always have lots of great live music, and the food is excellent to boot!
  • M
    Matt Zerr
    I attended open mic night on Tuesday and witnessed 3 amazing Jimi Hendrix covers all while paying no cover charge and drinking a delicious $5.25 pint. Can you dig it?
  • L
    Laura Lee Olson
    Another great place to see live entertainment! They bring in some pretty good acts! They also have very good food!
  • P
    Pammy Muench
    Good music but too many hipsters.