Kramer Imax Theatre

Imax Theater

Filled out 65%

Reviews 5

  • S
    Spencer Burridge
    Only IMAX around projecting that 65mm.
  • R
    Rob Vida
    Fun movie experience. Big sound on a big screen.
  • K
    Kenn McLeod
    Great place to catch a big block buster. A bit pricey though.
  • R
    Rebecca G
    Movies after dark is so fun. It was my first time, and reception was really nice and helpful. It was sold out, but still felt small and personal. Being able to have a beer and watch a great movie is an amazing experience.
  • T
    Tan Varma
    Interesting experience. Very non commercial appeal and feels like a nice small town theater with big theater snacks and seating. Watched star wars and some guy gave a quick lecture about the movie before it started, it was a new concept to us but was fun regardless