Cineplex Cinemas Regina

Movie Theater

Filled out 60%

Reviews 4

  • M
    Mark Stuart Roberts
    New beverage self serve machines for your drinks where you can select added flavours with any coke product. Lines are a mild annoyance but they move fast. The theaters are clean and comfortable. Bathroom are clean and stocked. Overall great experience.
  • C
    Chris Bodas
    AVX theatre is worth the extra a money for the seats and not having to show up 2 hours in advance for opening night movies.
  • J
    James Kan
    Here did not provide IMAX film and VIP serving, but here you can enjoy AUX with D-box. Good to enjoy movies here
  • G
    Geremy Lague
    Great theatre. They have time play and super cool drink dispensers. (They are new-ish so there might be some novelty there) You can get cherry coke wich is always a win. Parking is a bit rough and can be super packed at peak times.