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    I am no gambler so I will only review the Show Lounge. The venue is absolutely first rate. No such thing as a bad seat as the sighting angles are great and the distances are not too far. The place seats about 650 and when full it really rocks. The performers seem to like it as many have come back for repeat engagements. The ticket prices are never that expensive and usually there are seats available but some sell out with in an hour or so of announcement as it depends on the particular act. I have never heard an unintentional sour note in this venue as it seems the acoustics are really good. I went to a rock show most recently and even with the band playing quite loudly the sound was set up in a clear and clean manner such that I had no ringing in my ears or headaches the day after. Most welcome let me tell you. I urge one and all to go to see something here as the relative intimacy of this place is nice touch.
  • R
    Rad Macks
    Full options of slots an different table games. Restaurant and bar on sight. Washrooms were clean and well stocked. Parking is paid unless you play $10 and are a club card member.
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    Judy Tejszerski
    Very good food and service at great price.