Fritou Chicken

Canadian Restaurant

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  • U
    Visited yesterday after a long time, quality of food is decreasing gradually, they used to have the best fries in the town but not anymore now. There was no ketchup on the table, every time we had to ask him for it. Attendant was not friendly, as it used to be when it was newly opened, did not respond us properly. He behaved as we were asking him for free food, very unprofessional. I request the management kindly pay attention to the customers concerns. Again, please train your staff how to greet customers!!!
  • B
    Bhavesh Mathew
    There Chicken sucks. Never order there fried chicken. Oh and may be the Owner is now gonna bad-mouth this review with lots of misspells like he did to most other reviews. Gotta be honest- fish n chip is good. Most other things suck. And ya i waited for 40mins. (See u proved my point with your response.)
  • G
    Gurpartap Singh Sandhu
    Best place in town to have have food. Food is awesome and staff is very friendly. it...
  • A
    Adam John
    I am getting addictive to their chicken. Awesome quality and great service