Yvette Moore Gallery

Art Gallery

Filled out 75%

Reviews 5

  • C
    Cody Sharpe
    Beautifully restored land titles building from 1907 (I think). Painting, prints, pottery, glasswork, jewlery, and sculpture, all by local artists and at a range of price points. The cafe in the back is cozy, but serves wonderful meals and baking.
  • S
    Sarah Regent
    Very nice gallery, and the food is delicious. If you want to have lunch, be sure to call ahead to reserve a table as dining space is very limited.
  • R
    Robert Thomas
    They have a great selection of artwork and ceramics by local artists.
  • M
    Michal Kubo
    Small gallery located in a very old building. Some paintings are very expensive. Most art works in this gallery can be purchased. Admission is free of charge. There is a little cafe in the corner. Saskatoon Berry pie and soups were very good.
  • K
    Kyla McDonald
    Beautiful gallery and wonderful food!