Imagine Cinemas Woodbine

Movie Theater

Filled out 70%

Reviews 6

  • J
    joseph kov
    Been going here for years, its not a first class experience but the theaters are good and the staff are nice. Would recommend to anyone in the area.
  • C
    Cesar Torreblanca
    This is another "No Frills" type of venue around the Toronto Area. If you are trying to stretch your buck a little, then this is the cinema you want to come to. They have a few theaters and admission is only $9.00 - a fantastic $5.00 on Tuesdays. The theaters are comfy, the screens are large enough (although there is a "screening room" with a tiny screen. They will tell you in advance if your movie is playing in this one). Hardly any lines (except on Tuesdays, perhaps) and the same movies the big theaters are playing. Great venue to catch a current movie.
  • M
    Mark Prospero
    Not great for blockbuster big budget blow up movies, but a fantastic value for anyone who wants to see a film and not spend too much I have always appreciated this as an alternative to big theatres The snacks are a great value too with 1 free refill!
  • A
    Aafroze Aziz
    Took my family to see the movie Moana. The customer service was so horrible. They no longer offer extra bags or empty cups for sharing. We bought large popcorn and sharing was difficult. When I asked for a bag, the girl was rode and would not even explain why. Never taking my family there again. They are horrible.
  • G
    Gee Gorgees
    Nice place, Nice staff, Okay prices i rate it 5 stars
  • C
    Cesar Suaza
    Great place to watch a movie with your kids. Inexpensive compared to the regular cinemas