Paradise Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Restaurant

Filled out 80%

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  • A
    Allison Fraser
    We had a great lunch. Lucky for us, our friend speaks the language. Otherwise, service is not friendly. One of our table politely asked a sever if she could take a picture of Peking Duck and was refused brusquely. The food was delicious, from the 2 kinds of Naomi we tried to Har Gow to Sui Mai to lotus rice to mini octopus in curry sauce with noodles and even the turnip cakes (not a turnip lover, here).
  • J
    Jessica Tong
    Excellent dishes. Dim sum is consistently good and dinner banquet is very nice. We had a part of 100 people for a birthday and all the dishes came out perfectly cooked (scallops were phenomenal). Service staff is very friendly and professional.
  • P
    P C2020
    Friendly service but insufficient exceptional quality to match their higher price.
  • P
    Princess Lunar
    Banquet hall style dining with delicious duck! Parking is usually hard to come by.
  • T
    Timothy Wong
    A bigger Chinese restaurant with many tables. I am here on a Thursday afternoon, not busy, easy to find table. Deco is good. Food is good but not smashing.
  • J
    Joseph Borbely
    Absolutely worst service in my life... 1 hr in, still no attempt to take an order. 1:15 in, personally dropped the order, 1:30 in, they "misplaced" the order.... FFS, is this even possible?