Golden Wok

Southeast Asian Restaurant

Filled out 80%

Reviews 8

  • K
    Katherine Losier
    Very pleasant people! Has been our favorite for years.
  • D
    Dean Proteau
    Great Vietnamese food ..a little gem.that has only been there for 17 years lol
  • J
    J Glad
    Wonderful food here, excellent preparations and prices.
  • N
    Nick Corcoran
    Friendly staff, quick service, great food
  • S
    si thu
    The best PHO you can get in Thunder Bay.
  • A
    Alyssa Franks
    Without a doubt, Golden Wok has the best noodle bowl in town!
  • T
    Thomas Abthorpe
    I have been going in for years, and rarely stray from their beef noodle bowl, my favourite dish, by far.
  • E
    E Kon
    Noodle bowls are the best in town. Having said that, everything else on the menu is also top notch! The beef pho is excellent...actually all their Vietnamese dishes are fantastic. One side note however, if you are tipping your waitress you should know exactly where your tips are going. The owners take 50% of the tips. I know this because I used to work there. I have nothing bad to say about them, but I just wanted to put this info out there if you think that your money is solely going to the wait staff.