Galaxy Cinemas Sault Ste. Marie

Movie Theater

Filled out 75%

Reviews 7

  • J
    J&K Podcast
    Small seats and super expensive anything. Should it really cost $25 for a bag of popcorn and 2 fountain drinks? Movies end up there much later too. Waited since the beginning of December for a movie that was playing everywhere but here. Finally in February it showed up in the theatre here.
  • S
    Spencer Congdon
    A bit of a shame that it had to downsize, because now there is a lower chance of a film being available, or it often seems like they are available for a shorter period of time. Still, service is generally good and the theaters are kept clean.
  • N
    Nickolaus Elsigan
    Decent service and friendly staff
  • A
    Alexander Trivett
    Service is good but the theater has a humming noise
  • J
    James Lees
    The lines take a while to get through but the theaters are well cleaned and the popcorn is good.
  • T
    Tina Laitinen
    We purchased prime seats they are worth the extra money. The theatre was clean. The popcorn was really good also!
  • S
    Sue Partridge
    The first time in a long time my husband and I go to the movie. We walk into a dark theatre and sat in an area that we could see the movie. Waited 30 minutes for the movie. It finally begins and the usher comes to ask for our tickets then says we have to move since the seats are reserved. We said there was a lot of empty seats and no one waiting in line. Another guy comes up and we refuse to move then a lady comes up demanding that we move. We said no we want our money back. We got a refund and left shocked that they would lose customers over some prime seats. The difference is wider leather seats. We are not big people. We cannot believe that they would lose customers over seats. Where has customer service gone. We will never visit this theater ever again. We are still flabbergasted. Poor service no wonder the seats were empty.