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    Tood Pook
    The employees are very nice but most prices of games are the same brand new other then that everything is priced good. A $70.00 game they price for $60.00..... not much of a deal. I also bought GTA 5 from there for $55.00 and i pawned they only gave me $10.00
  • J
    Julie Langevin
    good service. very nice owner husband and wife. no deal are made when buying something. you pay exactly of what it saying on the price tag. no wheel and deal but i love the service when i go there.
  • P
    Patrick Pharand
    Alot of cool stuff for decent prices. A good cycle of new things as well.
  • R
    Rob Studholme
    Wide variety of things for sale at decent prices.
  • A
    Amy Tetreault
    Super nice people, great coast and great quality. Perfict place to find some good steals. Thank you guys again for your help!!!
  • B
    Bridgette Worrall
    Knowledgeable staff, good prices