Galaxy Cinemas North Bay

Movie Theater

Filled out 70%

Reviews 6

  • L
    Lisa Haddow
    Great way to spend the evening with the family. Movie was awesome. Food was good, and the staff were kind.
  • K
    Keyser Soze
    Nice place to watch movies obviously, but they have an arcade space. Which I believe they do like birthday parties rental for specific period of time in addition to the pay per use arcade style. Kids would love that
  • D
    Denis Lavergne
    7 screens, 1 with DBOX. Loved my DBOX experience. As usual, pop corn and drink have prices out of this galaxy...
  • T
    Terrell Cunningham
    It is actually kind of loud. I thought North Bay was being a bit old and crotchety. Nope. Qudos to the older Gentleman who managed to fall asleep during a musical on Christmas day. Your snoring definitely added some ripping undertones to the movie soundtrack.
  • R
    Priced way too high and tje food is awful for the price you shoud get gold leaf in the popcorn
  • C
    Clinton John James
    Good theatre to go to. Friendly staff. Easily accessed by car or public transit. Plenty of parking available. Close to a number of restaurants and a few retail stores. Usually a good selection of movies.