Capitol Theatre

Movie Theater

Filled out 65%

Reviews 5

  • P
    Paula Murdoch
    Cute little theatre in downtown Huntsville. It fills up fast so get there early and make sure you have cash for tickets. Atm inside.
  • T
    the Bro Gamer
    nice upgrade attempt but w limited seating and audio the experience of any sci fi movie is robbed - try a cineplex or famous players in the city and save cottage country for fun outdoors activity!
  • R
    Robert Graziano
    Great sound and picture. 3D would be great.
  • N
    Nathan McIntosh
    This movie theater takes you back to a time when movies were much more prized and a family outing so valued and it is a throwback to about 20 years ago the washrooms have not changed the confection stand has not changed, the cash has not changed, but the screen and sound technology has they now boast digital display
  • D
    David Ryan
    Yes this is an older theater, the line for concessions was long and congested. They would ONLY take cash in Canada is crazy. The fact it was a kids movie and they had to keep waiting for new popcorn to be made was slowing everything down. With all that said, the movie was new and all though it was an old style long narrow theatre it was enjoyable.