SilverCity Sudbury Cinemas

Movie Theater

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Reviews 4

  • K
    Kate Middleman
    Too many staff standing around doing nothing while the line ups grow to unreasonable lengths. If staff are on the floor (particularly behind the counters) they should be engaged in assisting customers. If they are not "on" they should hang out elsewhere. The optics of having only 50% of the people working and actually serving customers are very bad and super frustrating. I was there last Saturday and there were 6 people behind the ticket desk and only 1 person taking customers. There were at least 15 people in the line up. I then moved to the food line. Only three tills were open and yet there were about 10 people "working" behing the counter. The line ups were huge. One entire side was staffed but nobody was open or on till. Very bad optics.
  • J
    Joey Lakatos
    They leave doors open during film, making bright light on screen. They do absolutely zero to stop cellphone usage.
  • A
    Alexandre Tremblay
    Great location & variety of movies & food. Always very dirty in the theatre rooms though.
  • L
    Larry Meyers
    Amazing cinema to go to, both in and outside. Lots of parking for new releases, and with parking all around, you never have to walk too far. The theaters are extremely clean and the staff seems to want to be there. Prices on food and drink are high, like many other theaters, but the lines were quick, and the quality of food is good. Very clean all around, and the movie itself was at a perfect volume and looked amazing.