Norwood Cinemas 3

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    Roland Smith
    Typical small town theatre. Clean and well managed. They only accept cash which is a bit of a pain these days.
  • P
    cute small town theatre. its been family owned for the longest time. only has three screens. coolest feature is the single seat rows.
  • G
    Gareth Seltzer
    The Norwood is unique for many reasons. First it shows first run just released films on three screens with Christie Digital technology which means it competes with the big boys on quality. Small communities have centres - places where the community meets itself. In Bracebridge, that centre is The Norwood (there is an alternative argument that it is the Canadian Tire - but I think it is The Norwood!). The concession stand is full of residents and cottagers, seasonal and full time greeting each other or talking about their day waterskiing. It has a charming character to it that suggests that family night or date night from years past is not gone and is not forgotten. It is "us" that has to remember to embrace it. And the best place in town I can think of to enjoy a film and a night out is around The Norwood. Hands Down.