Cineplex Cinemas Saint John

Movie Theater

Filled out 55%

Reviews 3

  • C
    Chris London
    Movie experience is fine, but the lack of efficiency at the concession stands more often than not makes me walk away without bothering to order.
  • S
    samuel parent
    Comfortable seating. Excellent service!
  • L
    Leigh Cameron
    The new enhanced seating is a nice touch for viewers not wishing to view movies in 3D. The new layout they have for ticketing and snack sales is nice, you no longer have to wait in the same line for both. They seem to have cut back on the number of advertisements that are played prior to previews, which is nice since we are already paying for the movie, there is little need for ads. Audio levels could be regulated better, the levels jump during some ads and previews. Cleaning in-between showing could be better done, there was spilled drink on top of one of the seats I reserved, and speaking of reserved seating, this is the best thing they offer, guarantees you a seat.