Cineplex Cinemas Trinity Drive

Movie Theater

Filled out 60%

Reviews 4

  • H
    Ham Solo
    Movie theater with the usual services. Decent popcorn. Seats are comfortable.
  • A
    Andrew Dickinson
    Nice pretty modern theatre. Does not have some of the higher end seating and sound system where you can select your seat like the newer one in Dieppe but generally find it less busy and congested. Conveinantly located to some major shopping locations and restaurants.
  • B
    Brandon Smith
    Fast ticket buying and a great selection of movies. Rouge one was intense!
  • A
    Allen Fudge
    Ordering food was a hassle, tried to get frozen yogurt but attendant kept taking orders from center counter and not serving the line at his counter. Once he took our order he came back and told us that he did not have this item in stock. Poor set up and service.