SUN SUN Take-Out & Restaurant

Asian Restaurant

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  • B
    Betta Beauties
    We have been loyal customers for several years with huge orders of $80-$100 per delivery. Never complained, even if something was not quiet right; until today. We placed the order excited to get the pkgs delivered and when opening the bag happily anticipating our food we discovered everything was in shambles rice and sauce and pork everywhere but in the containers. Ok strange but what the heck accidents happen.... Ring ring we call we advise the situation and shockingly no apologies no Ok no worries we will fix this no. No. Nothing but accusations stating we must have dropped the parcel! scrutinized!! So I as a consumer warn my fellow public Chinese food lovers think twice before you dial their number because it will be a clod day in hell before we give that establishment another hard earned cent! 30 years in business... Time to retire!
  • A
    Alexis Keeling
    Ordered a very large order for my Christmas Office party and it was delicious! Great price and was delivered to my door. Everyone loved it. Thank you Sun Sun!
  • F
    Francois Tremblay
    Food is a great value. Limited menu read it before you come. Dont count on Wonton soup, everytime we come there is none left.
  • M
    Mary Finck
    I love this place there food is so good
  • M
    Matt Blab
    Awesome food! Always order from here and never disappointed
  • R
    Robert J.L. Baker
    Staff IS really friendly and good is good. Not a long wait, either.