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Amusement Center

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  • N
    Nigel Fearon
    Lots of fun, but pretty crazy. They have a section just for toddlers and do times during the week dedicated to little ones. Staff carry ice on them at all times for a good reason
  • K
    Kevin Guillemette
    Can be a bit pricy especially if there is more than one person ( family of 4 or 5 ) but that said very fun, my daughter had a blast and I felt she was safe. I also like the fact that I was able to get a free bracelet so I can supervise her activities and follw her where she wanted to go.
  • C
    Corey Sanford
    Went into this with high hopes and excited. The area was a decent size but the whole experience was diminished by the fact the employees spent the whole night either flirting with each other and other visitors. On top of that children were basically a free for all and were only told to either obey the rules or slow down when they absolutly had to. Was a fun time but annoying to have to watch your back every 5 seconds for kids who were running all over the place directly behind you.
  • K
    Killerzpk Gaming
    There was 2 school events when i went and there were still plenty of trampolines left. Little brother also loved it. Highly recommend!
  • R
    Robb Hartlen
    Busy!!! Very Busy!! .. but our Son had a blast, so thats all that matters!! Good job gang!
  • L
    Liz Babineau
    The kids have a blast everytime they come. Great exercise for them.