Walmart Supercentre

Department Store

Filled out 85%

Reviews 7

  • G
    Gavin Phillips
    Love going to this Two Nations Crossing Walmart. Less crowded and friendly staff. Produce is good. Prices are good. Not a fan of big box stores. Need more local products. For this I give it a three.
  • T
    Tasha Nash
    Love that I can tAKE A BUS RIGTH THETE AND love all there deals
  • L
    Laurell Drake
    I find this one so much nicer than the one on south side. It isnt as crowded and has the exact same stuff. I cringe when i need to go to the one on south!
  • D
    Don Booth
    Just a typical walmart, but does seem to be less busy than the south side one usually. They also have an auto service center where the south side walmart does not.
  • A
    Albert Martin
    Large Wal-Mart. Good space between isles.
  • W
    Wade Hudson
    Good selection, cost effective groceries, friendly/helpful staff. Location is ideal being part of the Regent Mall.
  • K
    Kenny McGrath
    A hidden gem, tucked away on the Northside. While it does not have as big of a variety as the Southside Walmart, it is nevertheless a nice quiet place to shop compared to the former. One thing to note: the prices and sales are not always the same between the two. One of the unique features of this Walmart is the fully stocked automotive department, as well as its garage.