Chinese Restaurant

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  • R
    Rob Hill
    Good Food and a reasonable buffet with a fair number of options, great for a quick lunch.
  • J
    James Munroe
    I highly recommend Misu. The food is always fresh and cooked perfectly. The lunch buffet is hard to beat!! ;-)
  • M
    Merle Allison
    On Sept 27 waited for 8 minutes to be seated. Listened to the other customer upset with the delays and how long we had to wait. Then a delivery man came into the restaurant and suggested that we be seated first. The waitress advised that it was no problem that one of persons were regulars. They talked about Citi Financial and other topics while we stood and waited. The delivery food sitting on the counter getting cold. We then were finally seated and waited 10 minutes without being asked what we wanted. We heard a bell ring which usually means food is up and after some time the plate was brought out and given to the customer. This customer got up and left without paying. I was not impressed with the lack of service