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  • J
    Jamie Seper
    Great selection and in store service. This is worth driving to the north side. Sooo much better than the Southside store.
  • N
    Nury Lopez
    Best Canadian tire in Canada, huge, staff make feel home
  • D
    Don Booth
    Kiosk always tells you to ask an associate and when you do they never know where things are.
  • T
    T Rex
    I was in shopping today and watched Aurthur from tools be treated like garbage from a customer. I was very impressed on how Aurthur handled the situation and at the same it reminded me on how I was treated at times when I worked at Zellers on the south side back in the 80s. Most of the employees are younger and making minimum wage to put up with some customers that need to grow up. Shout out to Arthur.
  • J
    Joshua Ryan
    New owner took over the store recently and made some changes. Aisles are now better laid out. Still find that customer service is poor if you try to find someone to help.
  • S
    Sarah Kiddo
    Could use a gas bar but much better then Smythe better deals