Won Wong

Chinese Restaurant

Filled out 55%

Reviews 5

  • J
    Jordan Blacquiere
    Great food and fast delivery! No complaints from this guy except that I ate too much cause it was so good! On a side note, I was so happy that the chicken balls were kept seperate from the sauce when they were delivered. No one likes soggy chicken balls! Great meal, will more than likely have again!
  • M
    Marc Leger
    5 stars if you take out :)
  • J
    Jon Gallant
    Was craving Chinese food. This is the only "Chinese food" place in Dieppe, so I got a standard dinner for two. The chicken balls looks like they were reheated in the microwave over and over. I have never seen chicken that dry in my life, I cannot overstate this point. The batter was hard and crumbled into dust like particles. The chicken chow mein was decent and the rice was ok. But please, throw out your old dried up chicken balls because I am definitely not going to return to this establishment for food. Disgusting.
  • L
    Lee Yuan
    Convenient location. Cantonese chow mein is great.
  • R
    Robert Lamky
    My first impression driving by was that it was a dump. I went in because of the reviews here. Massive mistake. The place was basically unheated. The woman working there even had a sweater and winter vest on. It looks like a mess hall inside.....pop was not even served in a glass, just given a straw. Food was ok, nothing special but because it was so cold the food got cold quick. The bathroom looked terrible and old and zero heat....super cold. Never will go back.