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    Kerri-lynn Wilkinson
    I had an incredible experience with the staff at Metamorphosis in the Exchange. I walked in for a piercing (without an appointment) and the woman managing the desk immediately found me an opening today. She showed me my jewelry options, gave me a quote and told me Selene would be piercing me. I was so nervous I almost bailed as soon as Selene tipped my chair back (septum piercing)! She calmly talked me through it and was super chill and reassuring. No ego, no pressure, just totally comfortable and awesome. I would recommend this place to my friends for sure :)
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    Teresa Putulik
    I walked wanting to book a consultation with Lacey. When I got in the lady behind the desk was short and not all that pleasant to me. She took my information and such like my name, number, what I wanted and where. And that was it. She wrote it in the book and I never heard from them again. I would absolutely love to have Lacey tattoo me! She is a fantastic artist. But the service I got at the front really irked me.
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    kijiji Posting
    Got a nose piercing around 2 years ago. Still not healed, the piercing is crooked, I cant put it on without someone helping me. I once had to go back for the same reason, my nose stud wouldnt go in and their store was closed due to the long weekend or something. So the piercing ended up healing. What the artist did was she jabbed the stud in my nose, without using a needle. Its messed up my nose. Also, $60 for your surgical steel stud? Not worth it. Regret reading the reviews and coming down.
  • D
    danessa abaunza
    I recommend peach! She is a lovely lady and is extremely nice and totally understandable! She makes you feel comfortable and she is very funny haha :3 made me smile and made my experience 10X better, she knows her stuff, her knowledge about piercings is very useful and I bet her tattooing is amazingly done too! The shop is very clean! Everyone is nice there and has smiles on their faces ready for you to see :)
  • B
    Britt Pentney
    Always friendly, easy to talk to. Peach helped me out with some of my piercings and concerns about others, and was very quick to offer up solutions. Will definitely return.
  • A
    alexander robertson
    Easily the best shop in the Province and one of the best in the country. Clean environment, extremely knowledgeable staff and the best at what they do. Cannot recommend enough.
  • S
    stuart schell
    So I went for my first tattoo the other day at kapala, and all I can say is wow. The people there are super friendly and know their stuff! I was super nervous due to it being my first tattoo and all but my artist, Rich, took good care of me,making sure I was comfortable the whole time. Long story short I 100% recommend and I am definitely coming back for the rest of my tattoos.
  • S
    From consult to design, Rich nailed it with what I wanted. He took my ideas knowing the emotion I wanted in my tattoo. When it was done, it told the story of Dad and daughters like nothing else. Amazing - Professional - Creative - Clean.
  • F
    Fanboy GG
    Have gotten a few tattoos at Kapalas and this place kills it again and again. Will always recommend friends and family to you guys. Cheers, amazing shop!
  • S
    Samantha Ann Christianson
    Super talented crew of artists super clean shop excellent customer service!


+1 204-942-1565
290 McDermot Ave #101, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0T2, Canada
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Metamorphosis Body Art has been around for nearly two decades, and we’re located right in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. Our extraordinary designs and flair for artistry are equally suited to people from all walks of life. We celebrate diversity and difference, and we’re continually striving to help people unleash their unique style through body modification.

Metamorphosis Body Art covers virtually all styles; from old-school, neo-traditional to dramatic realism. We’re also the piercing experts of Winnipeg, and we’re fully qualified to adorn your body with beautiful jewelry.