Stitch It Clothing Alterations


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    Thiago Andrade
    Avoid this place at all costs. I took two full suite for dry cleaning there. They were supposed to take about 10 days to be returned. It took almost a month. Whey they finally came back, one of the suits was missing its pants. They were never found again.
  • A
    Ashley Riddell
    Amazing service! My brother normally has such a difficult time finding suits that fit. The staff at this store were able to determine his size just by looking at him, and actually listened when he told them specifically what he was looking for! Such a refreshing retail experience.
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    Matthew Brown
    Walked in and told the two people working at the counter that we needed a suit for my father in law for my wedding. We were told to go look at the racks and find something. Nobody offered so much as a size or an area to start looking, even after asking for a fitting. Every time we looked over all we saw was two sales people staring at their phones. After 20 mins of looking ourselves the saleswoman came over and told us all the sizes we picked were wrong and finally started showing us some options. By that time we were so frustrated we left. Never again
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    Kevin Drysdale
    A great shopping experience and great prices as well
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    Jeff Sit
    Great experience with this store and with the help of Ryland who found me a formal looking winter jacket. With the bad experience we had at the Regent Ave. store, I was very happy to have received such good customer service. Thank you for finding me a jacket and for the exceptional service.
  • S
    Steven Weber
    The quality of customer service that I received at the Kenaston location goes far beyond anything that I have ever experienced prior in retail. Thank you.