Walmart Supercentre

Department Store

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  • K
    Ken Polachek
    Cashier at till 3 at 12:10 pm today was very rude to customers. Totally ruined my day. Went to different till. Number 6 I believe, totally different experience. Very nice cashier at till six.
  • J
    Jon mannix
    The staff is rude, the so called Walmart greeter is extremely rude and intrusive. Half of the time the shelves are not stocked properly with no products or prices. When I try to ask a staff for a price check they tell me all their machines are broken and to go to the front. Tried to bring a problem to the manager just for her to tell me to go to a different Walmart.
  • R
    Riley Higgins
    Ellice walmart pisses me off customers are ignorant and sick of being asked to see my reciept while immagrants get to walk out with no hassles no questions asked discrimination to the fullest and employees are uaeless
  • R
    Ryan Forsyth
    Great prices, but their produce selection and video game selection could be improved.
  • J
    John Ballantyne
    So ghetto here. All workers always past the buck. Not helpful at all. Worst location in the city. Floor walkers always follow hard working paying customers.
  • H
    Heather Caners
    There seem to be lots of staff but none of them seem to be actually working. Bathrooms are always disgusting and lacking toilet paper. The staff at the express check outs stand around ignoring the customers. Stood in line for more than 5 min while 3 cashiers stood around one till talking and laughing, while another sat on the counter of her till and rubbed her feet. Only 2 other cash registers open and very lined up. Hire better staff or have a manager out and aware of how terrible your staff are Walmart is already getting less appealing to shopen at with having to pay for bags and that they are not going to accept Visa anymore. Prices have gotten worse and good sales never happen anymore. Now it is dirtier than ever and it is very annoying to even try and check out. Can honestly say that I will be shopping anywhere but here from now on.