Dwarf no Cachette Cafe & Gift

Japanese Restaurant

Filled out 85%

Reviews 7

  • E
    Evan C
    Fantastic food and a great experience. When i went there was live music and the ramen was amazing. Huge portions and great price. Would highly suggest
  • C
    Carl Sotomil
    Got Miso Ramen for today with "Death Takoyaki". Takoyaki was so tender and perfectly cooked with a kick of spices in the end. The Miso Ramen is generous and tasty. I will recommend it to everyone who wants an authentic Japanese food experience in the city; it is only one of the two authentic Japanese restaurants in the city.
  • M
    Mark Petrasanta
    Great place for some japanese themed ambiance and food. I always recommend takoyaki. Deserts are beautifully dressed up simple foods. Regardless, is still a great place for some eats.
  • R
    Great food. Great atmosphere. A taaad pricy, but you are paying for quality food after all.
  • C
    Chris Jones
    Amazing food! Amazing ambiance! Awesome service! I highly recommend Dwarf to anyone who enjoys Japanese food.
  • A
    Alia Madrid
    I always go to this place before it seems cozy and all of the sudden customers notice it more and getting more customers but the reason why i give this place a 2stars is this past 3 visit i did there service sucks specially on tues cz there doing the anime thing i dont mind that but the way they serve food like sucks bcz not all the customers who goes there were just about see there show but eating is one of the main reason we go there ! I hope the owner of this restaurant do something about it cuz its used to be my favorite restaurant and at list expand ur dinning area cuz like this night me and my bf just went there to celebrate our anniversary but it turned out they dont have enough space to do the show so they squished the customers table well its a restaurant not a freakin theater were they prioritized the show than the customers comfort.
  • D
    Don quijote
    The best Takoyaki here. Yum yum yum.....I highly recommended. This is Original Japanese Owner.....5 stars.....