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    Terry Smith
    Have had experience with Stevenson as managers of an investment property I own and also as managers of a condo complex in which I own a unit. Both experiences, in my judgement are very poor. Have since changed managers for the investment property and the difference is like night and day. If you want to avoid disappointment, hire a firm other than Stevenson. They do not add value.
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    Chee Seen
    There are better property management companies out there. Very hard to reach anyone in person. Expect call backs to take a few days if you are lucky. People who are leaving 5 stars are likely employees.
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    Mike Jung
    worest management ever! never answering calls. And never even try to help u to solve the problems. I will give 0 star if there is a option!
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    Vinny Lad
    This is the worst management company. They do not actively manage condos to find gaps in policies and minimize risks to the corporation. My family arrived from the US at 1am enroute to Calgary. The condo did not have a policy in place to issue visitor parking passes at that time. By 4am, our truck was towed costing us $75 to retrieve it. We have Alberta licence plates visiting our inlaws in Manitoba. Common sense would dictate that these are out of town visitors and they need to be informed of the policy. When I called the management company, they said we broke the rule, so the vehicle got towed, yet there is no policy to obtain visitor parking passes in extenuating circumstances (like at 1am). The only policy to obtain visitor passes is in advance. This is poor advise given to the condo board by this management company. I have called the VP, Curti Loewen to discuss this issue and the lack of customer service and exceptions to the rule, but he has failed to call back. I also contacted Tash Ramharakh, and she knew nothing about the parking issues and the policies. She passed it onto her manager, Scott Braun. He basically said too bad so sad, pay the towing fee and get over it; I broke the rule. Again, he could not answer how we could have obtained a visitor parking pass at 1am. His only response was the policy is very clear, obtain them in advance. He clearly does not understand owners do not control when visitors arrive or plan to arrive. Visitor plans change so visitor parking policies need some flexibly. A good property management company would have experience in this and a lot of insight to make recommendations to the condo board. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR YOUR CONDO CORP! Too bad I am not able to rate this company -10!!!
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    Ezekiel Ramadan
    Good and professional real estate services.


+1 204-956-1901
260 St Mary Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3C 1K1, Canada
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The Stevenson Real Estate Services group brings together four distinct operating companies: Stevenson Management Services, specializing in commercial and multi residential management; Cushman & Wakefield Winnipeg, full service commercial brokerage specializing in sales and leasing; Stevenson Advisors, the appraisal and consulting arm; and MMI Asset Management.