Winnipeg Police HQ

Police Department

Filled out 70%

Reviews 6

  • J
    Japheth Regalado
    Nice building. Organized front desk but long wait times.
  • J
    Jan Michael Bal-ot
    Went early in the morning, very polite staff, process was quick and easy to report a motor vehicle collision. They took details down word for word and let me read my statement after to check for accuracy.
  • F
    Fred Fish
    Came in on 3/20/2017 Desk 6 at 5:30 To ask a general question. Instead of giving the information the officer decided to insult me And say that he "Did Not Care"
  • A
    Anas Al-Saad
    Excellent service, organised and easygoing
  • A
    Alex Ranville
    Rude Staff. Makes me never want to go deal with them again.
  • G
    Gord Caswell
    Gorgeous building, soaring ceilings. Feels like the building goes on forever!