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We are committed to offering personalized assessment and treatment techniques with physiotherapists who are committed to maintaining a high level of continuing education in manual therapy skills and complementary therapeutic techniques.

For those driving to the clinic there is street parking available (both free and metered) as well as a parking lot behind the building. See parking map . We offer 30 minutes of free parking for clients who park in the lot behind the building.

Doug has devoted his career to the treatment of persons with orthopedic or sports injuries. Doug has extensive postgraduate training in the area of joint manipulations and mobilizations as well as having attended numerous courses providing focused specialized approaches to the treatment of soft tissue and joint pain and injury.

During his career, Doug has been active in the treatment of athletes. He was chosen to be a member of the Medical Team at the Olympics, he was the trainer for the Canadian Mens Cycling Team and he has volunteered as a physiotherapist and on the organizing committee of many international, national and local sporting events.

As an athlete himself, Doug’s highest achievement in sport was being a member of the Canadian Men’s Water Polo Team. He continues to play organized hockey and curling, but his current passion is golf. Doug has trained in level 1 and 2 of the FIT for GOLF program for physiotherapists, and is very active in the treatment of golfers.

Doug recognizes the value of physiotherapy and has been active in the growth of the profession. He has volunteered his time to the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, the College of Physiotherapists and the Physiotherapy Alliance.

Cathy has set a goal for herself to help everyone who comes under her care. To help achieve this goal, she has pursued extensive post-graduate training in a variety of approaches to manual therapy, exercise therapy, soft tissue manipulation techniques and most she recently has focused her post graduate training on the rehabilitation of dizziness and vertigo.

Cathy has volunteered her time to support the work of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Manitoba Branch, working on both the public relations and professional development committees. She has volunteered her time to offer several educational seminars to the public (athletic and senior groups) to the workplace and to physicians in training.

Cathy continues to be actively involved in sports (particularly volleyball, running, dance, racquet sports, golf, curling, and specialized exercise classes) and has firsthand experience with several injuries. Although she tries to be knowledgeable of the mechanism of injury and the recovery process for all injuries and conditions/ diseases that affect the physical functions of the body, she refuses to personally experience each one of them (although she will admit that she is personally gaining knowledge of the natural aging process !)

Darryl graduated from the faculty of Medical Rehabilitation at the University of Manitoba in 1998. He has been practicing in Winnipeg since his graduation and has enjoyed working primarily in the private practice setting.

He has taken dozens of courses in the areas of joint mobilizations and manipulations, soft tissue and dural mobilization, exercise guidelines and prescription, workplace ergonomics, orthotics and acupuncture. He has been certified in acupuncture since 2004 and has used this as another tool in his toolbox, as he treats people of all ages with many different musculoskeletal / orthopedic and neurological conditions.

Darryl loves spending his free time with his family. He also enjoys being active. He participates in/coaches many team sports – volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, sponge hockey, ultimate and curling.

Stephen received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Université de Sainte-Boniface prior to graduating from the University of Manitoba in 2013 with a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy. He has been working at Doug Christie Physiotherapy since graduation.

Stephen focused on achieving his dream of becoming a physiotherapist for 7 years post high school, and once he reached this goal he saw no reason to hold back on his pursuit of continuing his post graduate education to further develop his education and skills in the area of sports and orthopedic physiotherapy.  Stephen has now completed his certification to practice acupuncture.  He has attended several post graduate courses focused on manual physiotherapy (assessment and treatment skills). And he has attended special interest courses on running injuries, power lifting training, and pilates.  And he has no plans of slowing down!  He intends to continue to expand his knowledge in exercise and wellness and blend this knowledge with his manual therapy treatment approach for the patients he sees.

Outside of work, Stephen has a passion for golf, football, hockey, running, weight lifting, cooking and ever since going on a 3 month backpacking trip through Europe, he has developed a love of travel.

Trevor graduated in 2007 from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy. Since that time he has worked at Doug Christie Physiotherapy and Ste Anne Physiotherapy, and Lorette Physiotherapy, all of which are sister clinics.

Professionally, Trevor has focused his clinical work and his post-graduate courses on developing a high level of expertise in clinical reasoning and manual therapy skills.  His thirst for knowledge and his desire to help everyone who comes to see him inspired him to enroll in a Clinical Master’s program at the University of Western Ontario.  He trained with a group of highly respected and educated clinicians and professors. In July 2014 he successfully completed this program and has joined a small group of accomplished Physical Therapists in Canada who have achieved the designation of a Masters in Clinical Sciences in Manipulative Therapy and is now an FCAMPT (Fellow of Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy) therapist.  This advanced training, coupled with his certification in acupuncture, give him plenty of tools to accompany his efforts to help everyone he sees reach their personal goals of treatment.

Trevor has now reached the point where he looks forward to supporting the profession of physiotherapy by offering his time through mentoring and teaching others who are keen to sharpen their physiotherapy skills or achieve similar advanced level certification. He is passionate in his belief that physiotherapy is a profession that has much to offer to the public in keeping people active, productive and healthy in our work, play, hobbies and  in the so called ‘golden years’.  He is committed to keeping the profession a respected intervention in health care.

Personally, Trevor is surrounded by Christie physiotherapists; his father Doug, his mother Cathy and his wife Hilary.  Trevor and Hilary  welcomed their daughter Quinn to the world in October 2015.  As of now it is unknown whether she will join the profession.

In his spare time he likes to play hockey, golf, slow pitch, spongee, fish and socialize. He enjoys dabbling in home renovations, going to the Jets games, playing fantasy football and going to the lake in the summer.

Joseph discovered his love for physiotherapy after his friend became seriously injured from an improvised explosive device while serving in Afghanistan.  Watching his friend participate in a physiotherapy rehab program for his injuries inspired a change in Joseph’s career aspirations.

Joseph joined Doug Christie Physiotherapy in 2015. Since graduation he has continued to take post graduate courses studying injury prevention, functional movement screening, and manual therapy. He intends to further expand his knowledge in exercise and wellness in order to achieve his goal of helping everyone he sees achieve their goal in active living.

Manual therapy involves the physiotherapist using their hands to impart treatment techniques to your body. These are skillfull and precise techniques in which physiotherapists have specialized training. The aim of manual therapy is to normalize and optimize the function of the joints, muscles and nerves in your body.

The physiotherapists at Doug Christie Physiotherapy are committed to advanced education in the application of and execution of these techniques. Manual therapy can involve mobilization or manipulation to your joints and soft tissues or massage techniques to your muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues, and treatment techniques to your nerves.

Most physiotherapy treatment plans include instruction in the exercise that is appropriate for your body and your condition. Exercise may include strengthening exercise, aerobic exercise, core stabilization exercise, balance exercise and/or stretching exercises.

This program offers you personal guidance in evaluating your current lifestyle and understanding and implementing the changes necessary to help you achieve a healthy life style. This program may not be covered by your physiotherapy benefits in your private insurance.

This program concentrates on improving the physical capabilities of the participant to meet the demands for the client’s work and personal activities. Physiotherapy treatment for an injured body part is included as necessary, but should not be the main focus of the program.

This is a therapeutic laser. We use a terraquant laser machine which generates a super pulsed low level laser in combination with infrared light, visible red light and a safe dose of electromagnetic radiation. This unique combination of radiation has beneficial effects on the cells of the body, promoting tissue healing and providing pain relief.

Protective taping can promote healing from injury by reducing the stress on the ligament or muscle. It can also be used to protect a joint from injury especially when one is returning to activity after an injury.

This information is recorded while you walk across a sensitive force plate. The therapist will add to this information any relevant clinical information and all of this information will be used by the lab to make a pair of custom orthotics for you.

Some insurance companies are asking for a 3D image of the foot. In this case we will  use the new footmaxx 3 D scanner or a foam cast to supplement the force plate scan to meet the requirements for the insurance provider.

Dizziness, vertigo and reduced balance are common problems and should be treated by a therapist who has focused postgraduate training in this area. Compromised function of the vestibular system (inner ear) in a common source of these problems. Specific testing helps to determine the cause of the balance issues and determine the appropriate treatment plan. BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) is a debilitating dizziness that is very successfully treated with a variety of repositioning maneuvers. Other causes of reduced vestibular function respond well to specialized gaze stabilization exercises, habituation exercises and balance exercises.

Physiotherapy (or Physical Therapy) is a direct access health care profession offering specialized assessment and treatment services for conditions that affect your physical health. Physiotherapy can only be performed by a university educated and licensed physiotherapist.

Expect to be at the clinic for about 60 to 90 minutes. Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time to fill out paper work on your personal information and to set up direct billing to insurance if you choose to (make sure you have your policy numbers and appropriate forms).

During the assessment the therapist will ask you questions about your problem and do the indicated testing in order to arrive at a diagnosis of your problem. And in the event that your problem was not caused by an obvious trauma, the therapist will also look to identify what might be contributing to causing your problem, for example poor posture or poor muscle balance.

We will direct bill for all insurance companies that allow direct billing. Some providers do not allow direct billing. Some providers are starting to offer ebilling but this system is limited presently and still developing. Most insurance companies require a tedious method of manual submission of forms with original signatures from the client with each submission. If your provider does not allow for direct billing or if you prefer to submit to insurance yourself, you must pay for the treatments and you are provided with the necessary receipts to submit to insurance.

Physiotherapy is a direct access medical profession, which means that you do not need a doctor’s referral to attend. If you see a physiotherapist and the therapist believes you should see a doctor for further medical testing (eg xrays) or for medication, the therapist will advise you to see your doctor. Some insurance companies require that you have a doctor referral for reimbursement, so you should check into your coverage.

If you are experiencing pain, or your body parts just don’t seem to be working like they should, then there is a good chance that physiotherapy can help you. After you are seen for an assessment, your therapist will be able to tell you more specifically what treatment they have to offer and what would be the expected benefits. See Services for a list of some of the common conditions that benefit from physiotherapy. And if you are still wondering if physiotherapy might help you, give us a call at 204-233-0419.