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    Mike du Croix
    I hired this contractor to do a mouse infestation clean up in my motor home as an MPI claim. The company only did a surface vacuum to remove the mouse droppings and sprayed a sanitizer. At least one third of the area infected was not done. After repeated call s and messages left I finally spoke with the branch manager. He told me MPI only pays for surface cleaning. When I explained that My calls were not being returned, he assured me he would look into the matter and would notify me in due course. This was the last I heard from this company. In my opinion the service rendered by Abell exterminators was not worth doing. I will not deal with this business again.
  • J
    James Haier
    They appear to be scammers!! "Treated" my rental properties twice but still did not treat all areas...as evident by the lack of powder visible. They said it was not prepared properly...problem with that excuse it that BOTH the tenants and I prepared the house together...the plates are still off waiting for them to finish the job. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE AS THEY ARE SCAMMERS AND CHEATS !!