Aloha Nails by TN

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Filled out 70%

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  • C
    Cathy Graham
    Went for a mani pedi. Felt very rushed and outcome was sub par
  • D
    Danh Nguyen
    At the Aloha Nails by TN, you will be greeted by Cam Tu, an elegant looking lady with a very charming smile. Her nail estheticians are like artists at works ...very creative in choice of colors and designs. This nail salon is often busy. Better to book in abvance. Ask for Vu and Kelly.
  • J
    Janet Morin
    I used to love this place for both my nails and a pedicure. Susan, kevin and vivian are great with manicures. And Kelly is great with the pedicures!! But my complaint and the reason i gave only a 3 is because of the pedicures. They have a couple of pretty young girls and one young guy doing pedicures now and the pedicure really sucks!! I had one by Leo and another by Jenny. They barely touched my toenails other than to take the polish off and clip around the nail. Jenny managed to cut my skin too while she was at it. And neither cleaned under my nail or around my cuticle and barely scrubbed my feet. I had to go back a second time to kelly to get her to fix it and i asked jenny to do more. She wasnt even paying attention to my feet, she was looking around all over the place. And she got polish all over my toes. I wont go back for a pedicure there unless Kelly is available. But i do recommend the mainicure if you can get one of the people i mentioned earlier.
  • A
    Athena Oliver
    Very nice staff, do excellent quick and efficient work.