Scotiabank Theatre Winnipeg

Movie Theater

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  • A
    Amar Beauchamp
    Absolutely disgusting. We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 in IMAX 3D and were appalled by the conditions. The reek of urine emanating from the washrooms was overwhelming, the 3D glasses looked like they were dipped in a bucket of grease and the theatre itself was reminiscent of Brady Road Landfill. Unless they have some sort of contract with the Public Health Agency of Canada to culture communicable diseases for testing purposes, there is no excuse for a theatre to be in this condition.
  • S
    Steve KW
    Not impressed... theatre was extremely dirty and some of the seats were stained and sticky. Might want to look into better cleaning techniques and vacuum once in awhile. Maybe cut down on the commercials before the movies... previews are nice, but 10 minutes of car commercials? Could have stayed hometo see that.
  • S
    Sherrie Moir
    I wish they had not done away with the cashiers. I do not like the automated machines. They first person I asked for help was quite rude and not very helpful at all. Going to the food counter is always an option now but it is often congested with people buying food. I do like the theatres and enjoy watching movies there.
  • H
    Heather Caners
    Super unhappy with the removal of the box office area. Line ups are much longer when you have people buying food and tickets in the same lines. The staff are even complaining about this change. Waited 30 min to get tickets. Theate was filthy. Pizza and a cup under the seat we first sat in. We have always loved coming here but everything is a mess these days.
  • J
    Jennifer Tran
    Staff member was very unprofessional. Management staff do not know how to handle there staff members. Staff member actually tried to threaten my family insisting on following us to our vehicle to vandalize it . Would actually like to speak to the general manger about this issue
  • M
    Marcello Nesca
    Great place to go watch movies, I saw Dr. Strange the other day using my SCENE points. Excellent reward system with an excellent theatre! The downside is that they have to clean their bathrooms more often, after every movie its a mess, and concessions are expensive. Overall however my experiences are enjoyable!