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Movie Theater

Filled out 95%

Reviews 11

  • P
    Peter Johnson
    Great place to spend some SCENE points and watch a movie. Theatre itself is much better than most Winnipeg locations.
  • J
    Jade Brooke
    Why must movies be so pricey. Dislike everything getting bigger and better. Despite that, always good, clean, comfy seating. Friendly staff.
  • J
    j mck
    Lots of theatres. AVX theatre is great for big blockbuster movies. Xscape arcade area is fun for before or after the show.
  • A
    Alex scoobydoo
    One of if not the best place to catch a movie in winnipeg. Bonus points for an awesome arcade
  • I
    Inesh Prabuddha
    Good theatre to watch your favourite movie. No IMAX.
  • M
    mike cranswick
    pizza was a bit dry but still good place and good screen and good sound
  • C
    Cameron Gray
    Theaters are good. The big one is great. Prices are normal, but I like the policy of replacing spilt popcorn and drinks. No questions asked. Also having the concessions be able to do everything, serve food and drinks, buy tickets, redeem vouchers. It fantastic. I use my phone for everything and they can scan all my stuff from it.
  • T
    Trevor D
    Good enough theatre. Smaller screens but you can usually find non 3d showings of popular movies here.
  • R
    Rob Vande Velde
    Can you please mop the floors in the theatre seating area....very dirty and smelled....otherwise all is good.
  • D
    Dawn Stoesz
    Bathrooms are nasty! Venting has not been cleaned in waay over 9 months, i have pictures from a year ago full of dust and thats what we breathe everytime we see a movie there. Fast service though and i have never had a movie sold out on me and seatS are clean. Ok bathrooms are still nasty! Venting still clogfed and full of dust and gods knows what else....it is novemeber 19th now.2016. What year are they gonna clean?
  • C
    C G
    Good theatre. A little smaller than some.