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Medical Laboratory

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  • D
    Donna Gylywoychuk
    helpful, friendly, obliging staff. know their business. would absolutely recommend to anyone.
  • C
    Carine Risberg
    Called because I had not felt I was getting any information or medical help in my home area out of province and several people I knew had recommended trying the PanAm. I was very happy with the choice after having met with Dr. Peters who seems knowledgeable, caring, patient and kind. I found him to be the right person for me to go to. He listened to what I had to say, asked questions that seemed to be very pertinent and took the time to re-explain when I felt I needed a better understanding of the information he had given me. He did an x-ray within minutes of seeing me, and armed with that and the information I had given him, he then ordered a scan for my shoulder. I had a follow-up appt with him to go over the findings and he established that I need to see a surgeon and after some discussion and more thought to the process, he decided I should also have an MRI to better present the possible issues that may be affecting the shoulder and that may have a bearing on the type of surgery and procedure needed. I did not listen well so the time between the scan and the follow-up with Dr Peters was quite long but that was purely because I did not understand that I was to make the post-scan contact as he had said to me in our initial meeting. I now have an appt scheduled for the MRI albeit way longer than I thought it would take, but needs and funding being what it is for medical things today, I understand the problem. Today I made a phone call to verify that the MRI is going to be 7 months away as the letter indicates and I also understand that time is def an issue in medicine when it requires certain procedures. My shoulder problem is not considered to be life threatening therefore I am not on the priority list for urgent MRI needs. I was given the name of the surgeon who I will be meeting with eventually and the phone number to call to ask if in fact the MRI images are needed prior to or are okay after I meet with him/her. So far I am very happy with the option I have chosen and can do of going to PanAm Clinic and I am very very happy with having had the good fortune of having Dr Peters as the doctor who has seen me. I well understand the length of time it takes to be able to accommodate every patient needing an MRI or some other procedure that is done. I made it my focus to be sure by taking the role of responsible patient and calling to question what I was not sure of. This is what any reasonable person needs to be aware of and understand IMO. I think this clinic certainly is exceptional.